haiku and other animals

Month: December, 2011


some face cut from the old yearbook cloud shadow on the mountain


photos of almost girlfriends in a worn box wind shakes the wreath



my mood darkens invisibly the sidewalk ices


autumn leaves trapped under the ice

experimental haiku the woodpecker still drilling


woodpecker’s flash of red tree to tree we follow



I unfold the napkin and banish the shadows  

how many more seconds will I have nothing to say


did I post this already?  

too many pages  

not enough memory  



Haiku honor

I just found out that a haiku I sent to The Mainichi Daily News was awarded a third place prize in 2010 for the best haiku in English:

no matter
which way the table wobbles
the heat

I suppose I should google myself more often…

You can see many more fine haiku that were printed in The Mainichi Daily News here.

what to save what to send

sunshine through young leaves


voices echo in the hall I turn down the TV


the tree shaking his head no in the wind

frozen grass I breathe out just to see the cloud


distant sound of sirens through snowflakes winter seclusion


blowing the crumbs off my keyboard I think of the old dog


the wind & rain a gamelan


a tree broken by the wind I only have questions this morning


bare trees in bright sun why is it so hard to be nice to myself


one more I say and stare at the clouds

the winter fly bouncing on the ceiling does’t want my help

her ever changing smile spring sun

the sound of distant cars my cereal loses its crunch


a word I didn’t expect a drop of ink uncurls in the water


shopping for images I lean out the window to see what I missed