haiku and other animals

Month: February, 2012

up to my elbows in mud feeling for the rough edges of new poems


the heavy grapes of high summer in the year’s first crocus

the branches darken on every corner a murder

a stream of words when I close my eyes leaves in the breeze

wind tossed trees all the little blue flowers stay still

maybe just hunger in the highest parts of the clouds

Modern Haiku

I’m always honored to be in Modern Haiku with so many fine poets. Here are my three from the latest issue.


on the edge of a forest though I tried to avoid it


all the little bubbles in the crema alone in Starbucks


in the darkened window my ghost leaves fall

dark blue sky a siren spills half of my hot dream

a squirrel carrying leaves back home across the grey sky

winter sunrise a string of rejections back into the sky