haiku and other animals

Tag: breeze

the breeze reshuffles my bungalow in the clouds


a tower of books topples spring breeze

her sigh and crickets on the cool breeze

sugar in the breeze I dissolve into stars

sun gleams off car horns and chlorine in the breeze

a cool breeze from the grey sky maybe none of the above

tulips in the soft breeze still losing my hair

the darkness of parked cars on a spring morning the breeze

a stream of words when I close my eyes leaves in the breeze



torn piece of paper with half a list stopped short by the old tree suddenly red


24 seconds still on the microwave I’m getting old


talking about back in the day the acid, the crystal, the breeze through the last leaves


just three almonds in morning light I should draw them


more garbage trucks clash clatter fill the land with all the broken things